nonbinarycode are as difficult to define as they are brilliant! Stunning front person, InkBits, is known for their unique brand of je ne sais quoi and engaging stage presence, paired with a killer voice! Alongside The Hardman, a multi-instrumentalist musician and music producer, the two created nonbinarycode in April 2019. Going from strength-to-strength, nonbinarycode now hits the stage as full band with Sorrento joining them on bass and Racso on drums.

InkBits (they/them)

Killer voice, even more amazing human. Known for their brand of punk frankness and sense of passion, InkBits will draw you in with their smile, and leave you begging for more.

the Hardman (he/him)

Multi-instrumentalist musician and music producer – the Hardman has been the powerhouse of the nonbinaries – no-nonsense, straight out rock guitar!

Sorrento (they/them)

Multi-instrumental teacher with an overenthusiastic and borderline concerning love of music. They’ve found a home as the new bassist of nonbinarycode with a mission to make you groove with sneaky, unique and dynamic basslines.


Heavy hitting multi-instrumentalist and home producer, he will blow your socks off with his killer drumming skills!