About Us…

nonbinarycode are two unique humans who grew up on a diet of grunge, punk and stadium rock – InkBits, known for their brand of punk cabaret, je ne sais quoi and killer voice – a sheer treat for the senses, and Steve ‘The Hardman’ Harden, a multi-instrumentalist musician and music producer.

nonbinarycode celebrates the diversity of all humans through music –  when you put these two together were always bound to be a bit different.


Renowned mischief maker and gender bender, InkBits is known for their brand of punk cabaret, je ne sais quoi & killer voice – a sheer treat for all the senses.

InkBits will leave you begging for more. Their bubbly charm will draw you directly to their soul, and their theatrics will make you think and feel.

Stephen “the Hardman” Harden

A multi-instrumentalist musician and music producer – who has been in the music industry for 30 years. He has toured and recorded with many bands – recording 3 full length albums of original music.

The quiet powerhouse of the nonbinaries, Stephen brings his passion for music and life to everything he does.

His passion sees him producing and recording music for a number of local Canberran artists, but in nonbinarycode he can bring his love of live performing to life.